Welcome to Dallas!

Good morning, and welcome to the blog for the Global Summit on Ending Corporal Punishment and Promoting Positive Discipline!

The purpose of this blog will be to provide news and occasional commentary throughout the events, lectures and presentations provided throughout the conference. Updates and potential schedule changes will also be provided if necessary.

My name is Austin Reed, and I’ll be your host throughout this blog. I ‘technically’ graduated from SMU this past Spring semester with a major in Business Journalism and a double-minor in Business and Film Studies. (I still have to wrap up a couple of classes in a short July summer session, after which I will officially receive my diploma.)  I’ve contributed works and enditing for the Daily Mustang and the Daily Campus (both SMU student publications) and recently wrapped up an internship blogging for the SMU Forum, which is considered the news division for SMU faculty, staff, and general populace.

While the word ‘business’ appears twice in what will be my official diploma, I like to have an active and open mind when it comes to journalism, blogging, and writing itself. I’m consistently fascinated with stories from all facets of the news world, whether it be business, sports, or indeed, science. I was offered this position by an SMU professor of Psychology (and the Chair of this conference), Dr. George W. Holden. I am thankful for the opportunity he gave me to contribute to this endeavor, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to rise to the task.

I’ve placed a couple of links on the side of this blog to the Summit homepage and to the SMU Division of Psychology for further information. Also, here is a direct link to the conference program and a handy primer for travel and parking for Downtown Dallas (it’s not that bad here, I promise!)

I’ll be providing more coverage beginning tomorrow with the Summit’s first event, a screening of the documentary Love & Punishment at 4:30 p.m.

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions for this blog, feel free to email cpsummit@smu.edu or reedaustin89@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing you later today!

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